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from global companies to start ups.

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We are Personal

People are unique!  A successful placement takes more than a search on a social network. We know how to detect talent with an eye for a cultural match and an excellent fit with your values and environment. Our personal touch is why so many clients in various industries rely on us to help them build their team.

We are focused

We know result matters.  Our insights, thorough understanding of your business and dedication, will gain your trust as a valued partner. We focus on performance as well as on listening to customers’ needs and last but not least, on achieving results.

We are Committed

Our success rate is extremely high for candidates and clients, which is shown through successful long-term placements, feedback and business growth.

We care

People make the difference!  We truly value our candidates and embrace the opportunity to guide them towards a next step in their career.

Our Values

Specialized partner in
Direct & Executive Search

We are a boutique talent search agency that offers
Direct and Executive Search of Mid to Senior level positions.
Thanks to our tailor made approach,
we are mainly active in the following sectors:

Consumer ✦ Industry ✦ Services ✦ Logistics ✦ Maritime